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The Roost + Remote Keyboard App for iOS

Don't destroy your body. Use a Roost, a keyboard, and a mouse. There are many different options and configurations to accommodate a varying level of comfort and sophistication. I use Apple's wireless keyboard, an Apple trackpad, and a 17" MacBook Pro. If you're new to the Roost (or caught in a pinch) you may not have a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you've got an iPhone or an iPad however, you can still utilize your Roost and salvage your posture with the use of a free app. I just downloaded Keyboard+ from the app store and started playing around with it. 

I began with my beat to hell iPad.

It's uncomfortable to type on a level iPad so I slid my phone under the top and it felt great. Within the app you can use the entire screen as a trackpad or pull up the familiar iOS keyboard. There is additional trackpad space when the keyboard is up so there is no need to take your hand off the keyboard to move the cursor. I ran it through a couple of emails and a facebook post. The typing action is slower than Apple's keyboard but I'm so used to the iPad keyboard at this point - it's not by much. 

Keyboard+ provides a Command key to accommodate copy/ paste functions but they require a paid upgrade to access the feature.

Don't mind at all. 

Page up and page down are clutch functions included in the upgrade. All of the F keys are there too but dang, I really missed the Shift key. Copy/ paste is terrible. You can double click to highlight a single word, or cmnd + A to select all the text, but there is no way to select some of the text. Bummer. 

Screen grabs are also problematic. I use (cmnd + shift + 4) and Evernote's tool typically. Neither worked here. 

No selecting multiple radio boxes. Again Shift key limitations. 

On the plus side though I really liked the Siri integration.

Replying to emails using Siri dictation was really fast and surprisingly accurate. I uploaded the app on my phone to give that a whirl. In moments I was using my thumb to navigate the cursor and using Siri for all of my text. It was a great, and dare I say - Kirkian...

I'll use Keyboard+ with my iPad and iPhone again. There are a couple drawbacks but for basic internet use and word processing, this is a solid option. Here are some additional wireless keyboard apps for iOS and Android


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