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Big thanks to Charle Sorrel for the good words in Cult of Mac last week. Click through to read the full stories.

I won’t spoil the review, but the Roost is amazing. Even if you choose a smaller, non-clicky keyboard for travel, you should use this stand. It raises the MacBook up to eye level, and it packs down to something so light and tiny you can toss it into even a carefully packed bag and forget about it until you need it. I get RSI in my arms if my computer isn’t set up just so, so for me these extras make it possible to work while traveling without killing my arms. Read more // Cult of Mac Guide to Traveling Light


I can’t recommend this stand enough. Other notebook stands lift the computer up enough to stow a keyboard underneath, but until you use the elevated Roost you won’t know how pointless they are. The Roost is the only one that gets the screen up to the proper height, and it’s also one of the sturdiest, and definitely the most portable of them all. Read more // Banish bad posture forever with the unique Roost Macbook stand

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