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Hello hello Backers!

Roost HQ has been humming with production, had a couple of snags, but making lots of progress. First Roosts about to go out the door!  Woooo!

Roost Production

Each Roost takes about 7 minutes to cut.  So running the laser 40 hours a week, we can cut about 350 Roost per week.  I have been fighting some calibration issues the last 2 weeks (now hopefully resolved!!), and was only able to run 20 hours per week cutting time.
That said, I've brought in a "swing shift" to help run the laser more hours of the day, gunning for 12 hours.  So I hope to make up the lost time over the last 2 weeks and catch up with delivery dates.

Where we are at

Limited Edition Roosts:  330 Serialized Roosts have been "cut and tumbled" and are getting assembled (up from 320 "serialized" Roosts on last update, lots of folks snagged more than 1 limited edition!)
All parts are finished and being assembled. It's going to be close, but hope to ship the first wave (~80 by end of this week). The rest should ship out end of next week.

August Delivery (non-limited Edition)

These are being cut now, and are on track to be cut by end of next week. Assembly will start as soon as parts are cut. I'm really gunning to have all August deliveries out by end of September (sorry guys for the slip!)


September Delivery

These are being pushed by the August folks and slow laser cutting start, but we are working hard to catch up. I don't anticipate these slipping much in to October, maybe a week or so.

October Delivery

Will be caught up, looking good for Oct delivery, as soon as all Sept are fulfilled.

All Engraved and Custom Logo Roost

These are getting cut next week, and assembly will start immediately after.  These are on track for end-of-Sept delivery.
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