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First Person with Casey O'Brien of Applied Plastic Coatings

We're building and assembling the Roost right here in Denver, Colorado. The pieces are cut by laser from sheets of Delrin, and hand assembled at Roost Headquarters. We've spent the past 6 weeks working and reworking the end finish for each roost.
How will we apply color?
Which finish is the most durable and sustainable?
Can we effect the feel of the roost?
It has been a process of trial and error. Fortunately we have benefitted greatly from the counsel of Casey O'Brien over at at Applied Plastic Coatings. These guys broke out the space-paint. I'm not sure what's in this stuff, but at $500 bucks a gallon I'm assuming it's the tears of baby pandas. Casey is a powerful Rooster. We thought you should get to know him a bit. Here is a few moments with the guy - first person. Thanks Casey! (*no panda babies are harmed in the creation of the Roost) ;)
Casey coats the Roost pieces
(Casey coats the Roost pieces)
"I was born and raised in Arcata, California. You can call me Swazy aka Swazy McGavin, my name is Casey O'Brien."
"I found the love of my life through a friend in High School."
"I was almost killed in a car crash. The fence went through the windshield and impaled me through the neck - it pinned me to the seat."

"I'd like to retire to New Zealand."

"If I could put a band together I'd get Jimi Hendrix, Kieth Moon (The Who), Les Claypool and MCA (Beastie Boys)"

"I was Richard Simmons for Halloween my Sophomore year in High School."

"I'd rather be heliboarding (Snowboarding).  I'm so sick of mean people."
You're sticking rich. What's the first thing you add to your home?
  • "A ten car garage for all my new toy's."
If you could safely have one non-domesticated animal as a lifelong companion, what would it be?
  • "Silver Back Gorilla"
"My favorite song is Iron Bars by Stephan Marley"

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