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August Update

Roosting with Carbon Fiber, Rivets, and Delrin

(plus a new special 4th material!)

Carbon Fiber

Good News: The Carbon Fiber is in (12,000 pieces!), and they’re perfect!

We sent the carbon fiber to be coated with a ceramic paint. We can paint at a rate of 500 Roosts per week, and we’ve already completed 2 batches of black. Next up will be the colored Roosts, keep an eye out for sharp pictures.  These are on track.

Bad News: None!

Random Carbon Fiber Fact: Created in 1958 by Dr. Roger Bacon and cost $10 million dollars per pound.



Good News: 150,000 Rivets were put on order early July.

Bad News: They are two weeks behind. We received confirmation from the rivet manufacturer today; the rivets are being anodized (black) as we speak, and should arrive end of next week. This is the “long straw” in what were are waiting on to get Roosts out the door.

Random Rivet Fact: 2.5 million rivets hold together the Eiffel Tower



Good News: All Delrin sheet stock is at Roost headquarters.

The laser cutter is running 8 hours a day! We have cut parts for the first 250 Roosts. The final step of Roost Delrin part manufacturing includes putting the parts through the vibratory tumbler to get a super-nice satin finish. These are on track.

Bad News: None!

Random Delrin Fact: Delrin is FDA Approved “Food Safe” and is used in a variety of food packaging.


Urethane (brand new!)

Good News: We’ve added super-grippy “grippers” to bottom front feet of the Roost.

This keeps the Roost and your laptop fixed firmly on the desk. We’ve worked with a local rubber company to produce these, and they contributed greatly to the solution! We received 4000 pieces on Monday, they are good to go!

Bad News: None!


What this all means for Roost delivery

We have yet to assemble Roosts because we are waiting on the rivets, which is a big bummer.  But assembly is pretty straight forward and we have the shop setup for a team of local assembly labor that we’ve already started hiring to start putting everything together.

Once we have the rivets, we will assemble about 250 Roosts per week. (And we will ramp this up as much as possible to meet delivery dates).  But that said, we’re going to be pushing it to the wire to get the first Roosts out in August. And Roosts will go out in order of backer pledge date.

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