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James Olander on the Denver Business Podcast

Before the Kickstarter campaign, James Olander stopped by The Denver Business Podcast. We've taken the liberty to post it here. Have a listen and hear how far we've come in such a short amount of time. 


"Dudes have been looking for aliens in the desert for 50 years. And why not? It’s safe to assume that the universe in all it’s great expanse, is host to other sentient beings. Unfortunately the evidence is a little sketchy. We’ve got blurry saucer images, anal probe testimonials, and the Great Pyramids – but no smoking gun, in-your-face evidence of aliens. So maybe there are no aliens, or maybe we’re looking in the wrong place. There is a good chance that the first sentient, non-human life form will be birthed from our technology. It is not unreasonable to predict that Siri and Google will progress to the extent that humans will not be able to differentiate between man and machine. This tech-alien will be born in our lifetime, in fact we are it’s parents. It is our responsibility to be good parents, we don’t want our relationship with our alien internet baby to be soured by crumpled up fingers and nerve damage. But that’s what’s happening. The smooth and flat hardware of technology does not jive with our primitive ape body. Our bodies are ment to hurl spears and hump each other, not sit for hours on end in front of glowing squares. In time, hardware will progress to harmonize with the human form. The Roost is a step in this direction. The Roost represents a higher understanding of the human body and our relationship with technology. We lay our infants in cradles, and we should lay our laptop on a Roost. After all, our laptop is pregnant with our alien internet baby. Sorry Roswell." - The Denver Business Podcast



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