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Leave Your Laptop on Your Roost

We had a great question from twitter the other day.

Laptops improved the way we work by giving us flexibility. They gave us the opportunity to work remote, from home, or (gasp) on vacation. The advent of cloud storage and the development of smart phones and tablets disrupted this model. Now your emails, and digital assets can be accessed from any machine. Admit it, you're catching up on emails stuck at traffic lights aren't you. We all are. Transporting our laptops just isn't as critical anymore.

Many of us build our primary workstation around our laptops. Add a Roost Stand, an external monitor, a wireless keyboard, mouse, and you've created an ergonomically elevated work space. Your productivity and creativity are given their best opportunity to flourish. So go ahead, leave your laptop Roosted for the workweek and take it home with you on the weekends. Potential benefits: less wear and tear on your machine, reduced chance of loss or theft, less chance for improper (hunched) posture working from bed, plus you may never pour wine directly in your keyboard again. 

Here are some incredible environments from our Roost community. 

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