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Welcome lifehackers! Thanks for visiting our site. Check out our top selling laptop stand here. A brief intro to our company: 

  • Founder James Olander develops the Roost to combat an onset of carpal tunnel earned from long hours on a laptop as an engineer in silicon valley. 
  • The Roost debuts at Maker Faire about a year ago and launches on Kickstarter a couple weeks later.
  • The Roost goes on to raise $190K on Kickstarter - a fantastic success.
  • All the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled October 2013.
  • Each Roost is cut from Delrin with a laser cutter and assembled here in Denver, Colorado.

We are enthusiastic about health, performance, and biohacking. Our twitter is here and our facebook is there. Holler!

"Using the Roost is simple—just pull the sides apart until the sliding mechanisms lock into place, put it on your desk, and nestle your laptop on top of it. The video above shows you how it's done. The key is getting the upper flaps neatly in the space between the screen and the chassis of the laptop. Once in place, your laptop isn't moving. You can wiggle it around your desk all you like—it takes serious force to get it to budge, and even though it might look precarious, it won't slide forward either." Alan Henry - read more



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