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The Roost Kickstarter Campaign


What is Kickstarter? is a funding platform for creative projects that allows a single inventor to get his/her project infront of a very large audience.

Why Kickstarter for 'The Roost'?

'The Roost' was prototyped on rented industrial equipment that is costly and inefficient. 


To produce 'The Roost' at high rates and so to be affordable for everyone, high tech industrial manufacturing equipment must purchased exclusively for 'The Roost'. The funds raised from Kickstarter will make this happen.

How do I use Kickstarter to buy 'The Roost'?

Select a Reward Level that corresponds to 'The Roost' you want and make a 'pledge'. This pledge secures you the 'The Roost' of your choice, delivered shortly after the fundraising campaign ends.

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