Roost Laptop Stand

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The Roost is Now Available for Pre-Order

"This stand will change the way you use your MacBook.... I can't recommend this stand enough."  

- Charlie Sorrel,   


"The stand is super convenient – I toss it in my bag every day along with my thin Apple keyboard and track pad, and can quickly set up shop in the office, in coffee shops, wherever."  

- Billy Gallagher,   


"It's really good, I've been using my laptop all day long without the normal shoulder and back pain"  

- Will Smith,  


"I need this product and don’t want to work without it. I feel like a can work way longer, my back feels good, my eyes don’t strain." 

- Jeremy, 2 Months using The Roost, Santa Cruz, CA

The Roost Story on Kickstarter:

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