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The Roost Stand

See How an Aerospace Engineer Solved

"Laptop Hunch Syndrome"

90 Day - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Increase Energy and Confidence

Poor posture for 30 minutes significantly increases stress levels, depression, and fear. Upright posture results in greater confidence and lower stress levels.

Helps Prevent a Lifetime of Injuries

Using a laptop for 4 hours or more per day puts you at risk for a lifetime of computer-related injuries and pain.

A Beautifully Simple Solution for Work & School


One easy motion opens and closes the feather-light Roost Stand (only 5.5 oz).


Elevates your screen 6 - 11 inches above the table. Perfect eye height.


Patent-pending “Pivoting Grips” make your delicate laptop a perfect fit.

90 Day - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Made in U.S.A. for Exceptional Quality

90 Day - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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