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Roost's portable, foldable (and kinda pricey) laptop stand

After only a few months with the new rig, I can say with confidence that my neck, shoulder and wrist areas have changed for the better. 

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Dream Big America - 2 Minute Pitch

What advice would you give to another budding startup company?

Build, test, listen, re-build, test, listen, this cycle should never stop.

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The Roost Stand – A Review

I decided that $80 is about 2 visits to the chiropractor, and it’s way less than purchasing another monitor. More so, the Roost Stand is pretty cool looking, has a beautiful website design and could make an immediate impact in my well-being, and sore back.

The Roost Makes Working From Your Laptop A Bit Better On Your Back

As far as the Roost’s construction goes, this thing is pretty incredible. The stand is made out of a combination of carbon fiber and super-flexible Delrinplastic with aluminum fasteners to keep it all together. These two materials make the stand super light and durable, so throwing it in your backpack won’t break the back you’re working so hard to keep healthy. -  - - March 28th, 2014

Great product. Great Design. Love you guys. My neck thanks you every day. The Roost has become part of my mobile office. I don't leave without it. - Craig GordonVaughn

The Roost is a Portable, Foldable Laptop Stand for Standing or Sitting

Using the Roost is simple—just pull the sides apart until the sliding mechanisms lock into place, put it on your desk, and nestle your laptop on top of it. The video above shows you how it's done. The key is getting the upper flaps neatly in the space between the screen and the chassis of the laptop. Once in place, your laptop isn't moving. You can wiggle it around your desk all you like—it takes serious force to get it to budge, and even though it might look precarious, it won't slide forward either. - Alan Henry - - March 20th, 2014


I worked on a MacBook Pro & Monitor setup for a couple years before discovering the need for an elevated laptop screen + wireless keyboard and trackpad. I didn't realize the everyday damage I was doing to my body by looking down at my screen and resting my palms on the edge of my laptop. Now that I am rocking The ROOST setup everyday, my lower back, neck and forearms feel fantastic. Special thanks! - Sev Martin,


"Last week, I learned about The Roost Stand, an ultra portable stand for the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Then I listened to an interview with James Olander, the creator of The Roost Stand, on an episode of the Think, Make, Sell podcast. The interview closed the sale for me. The Roost Stand is a great product. I highly recommend it!" -


Just got my @theRoostStand in today. Works great! #rooststand

— Dustin (@dspot16) March 15, 2014


Whenever I go to a coffee shop, I can only work for a few hours before I have back and neck pain. You’re not meant to work hunched over a laptop. You’re suppose to have a laptop stand that can bring the screen to eye level, but the problem is the stands on the market aren’t that portable. Enter the roost stand. I discovered it on kickstarter a year ago and I finally have one in my hands.









In short: it’s awesome; the best stand I have ever used, by a wide margin. The Roost is an ingeniously designed laptop stand that folds away to nothing, so you can always carry it with you.

Juan Nunez-Iglesias - - 12/23/13


Why: "We're spending longer hours with our gadgets and without consideration. It will destroy our bodies."

Denver Post - Top gadgets of 2013 according to Colorado tech execs and entrepreneurs - 12/23/13



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