Roost Laptop Stand

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Roost Laptop Stand


      Fits almost all laptops
      Extremely light and compact
      Set up and pack up in seconds
      Adjustable height for any situation

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What makes Roost the best laptop stand out there?

  Extremely Portable and Easy to Use  

One easy motion opens and closes The Roost Stand.
Take the Roost everywhere.
Collapses into an impossibly small 1" x 1" x 13" package and is a featherweight 5.8 ounces.

  Ergonomics for your Laptop Anywhere  

The Old, Painful Laptop Hunch

Roost = Ergonomic Workstation



No More Laptop Pain - Perfect Laptop Ergonomics

  Universal Compatibility  

Patent-Pending "Pivoting Grips" automatically adjust to fit your laptop's size and shape.
Fits ANY laptop with a front edge less than 0.75 inches (1.9 cm). That's almost all of them.

  Height Adjustable for Any Situation  

Adjusting your laptop to match your body and desk is critical for maximum comfort and productivity. 
The Roost rapidly adjusts to 3 height settings to match your screen height to your eye-level.

  Sturdy and Durable  

Your laptop needs to be safe and stable when lofted up off the desk. The Roost's patent-pending Pivoting Grip mechanism securely latches on to your laptop.
Our Money-back and Lifetime Warranty give you peace of mind. We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmen to produce a superior, reliable product.




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