Roost Laptop Stand

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Roost Laptop Stand stops painful laptop posture... 


Eye-Level Screen

Roost elevates laptop screen to an astounding 13 inches (125cm) off the desk, banishing Quasimodo out of your spine. Use with external Keyboard and Mouse (sold separately) to create ergonomic desk ANYWHERE. 

Everyday "Carryable"

A laptop stand will only help if you use it. That’s why the Roost was design to be impossibly lightweight, small, and so easy to use you will actually WANT to bring it with you.

Height Adjustable

Your desk may be a coffee table, an airplane tray, or a beachside bamboo bench, but matching your workstation to your environment is critical. The Roost provides 3 perfect height adjustments.

Roost is the highest rated Laptop Stand ever.

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