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Roosts are leaving the building!

Update #16 · via Kickstarter  Sep 18, 2013 · 

Hi guys, really excited to post this update! We have been making great progress on production and shipping.

Roost World HQ has had an awesome team of 6 working 12 hours a day getting production up and out the door! Special thanks to my Mom and Dad who came out to Denver from a relaxing retirement to help out! Love you!

Shipping Progress:

  • The first 50 Limited Edition Roosts shipped last week (tho it was a random smattering of the order 1 thru 330, so hold tight for a couple days if you have not received yet).
  • 100 more Limited Editions shipped today, the rest of the Limited Editions (including colors, except yellow, pink, purple,orange... these will go out next week) will ship Friday, along with another 50 of the August deliveries are shipping Friday. 
  • 300 Roosts will have shipped this week!
  • We have taken over the huge post office receiving bins, see attached pic!

For those that have received a Roost, please share pictures and stories, and stay tuned for a little 'Roost in-action' photo contest coming up on Facebook.

The Roost Instruction Manual (it will be attached to an update shortly):

The brand spanking new, "Roost Instruction Manual" is shipping with every Roost.

***Note: Read the Roost Instruction Manual*** The Roost is easy to use, but it takes a couple seconds to understand how to use it properly, so please read it!

Production Notes:

The Riveting Machines are now about a month late and still a week out, and production takes twice as long without the rivet machines. But we are pressing on with hand squeezing every rivet, 38 * 350 = 13,300 rivets squeezed to-date. Forearms are getting tired, but we want to get you those Roosts!  We expect to pick up production rates as soon as these arrive, stay tuned.

We are still on track for the delivery estimates provided in last update, thank you all for your patience!


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