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Design, Cut, and Tumble


Design, cut, and tumble.

Shop additions

Competed install of the vibratory tumblers into the new Roost shed.
These tumblers are used to put a soft matte finish on the Delrin, very pro looking.

Customized the Roost Shed

To accommodate the incredible vibration created by the tumbler we (Rodger) cut a portion out of the bottom and added iron beams to take the vibration stress off the shed. No small feat on a 95 degree day.

Built the painting jigs 

These jigs allow us to rack and stack up to 1000 carbon fiber struts at a time in the paint booth. These are painted the wide-variety of Roost colors, and done by a great local industrial coatings company.

Added 2 rooms to Roost HQ

One will be dedicated to the laser cutter, and the other is a stock materials room. The main room is being converted into an full-on assembly room. Getting real!

Random Shop Task

Picked up a mobile air conditioning unit for the shop; morale HIGH!


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