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The Roost Laptop Stand - Earthquake Proof

An earthquake wit a magnitude of 6.1 rattled the Bay Area and Napa Valley two days ago. Our hearts and thoughts go out the folks who were injured and lost property. James was in Palo Alto for 3 years and luckily never had to use the earthquake survival bag his old company gave him. At Maker Faire in San Francisco earlier this year we were joking about about the Roost being earthquake proof. According to our customer Stuart, it is.

So last night I had my newly acquired Macbook Pro 15” Retina (refurbed because let’s face it, $2500 was much more in my price range rather than $3000 for a brand new with the specs I wanted) sitting in my just shipped Roost Stand. Enjoying it so far and trusting it, but I still had the fear of: What if an earthquake hits? Do I trust this thing not to ditch off my desk and awaken to find my horrendously overpriced Macbook in pieces on the hard floor?

Well, luckily for me I went to bed and decided to make the decision another day, because out of the 6 months I’ve lived in the Bay Area, I haven’t felt the slightest jolt of a quake. Well, unfortunately that was a night I should’ve thought twice because 3 hours later…well the rest is history and I’m sure you’ve heard about it enough on the news.

Rushing — dashing — from my bed after all has settled I expect to find my worst nightmare…but find my laptop still resting on my desk, intact (hardly moved). Well, I must say, bravo! It’s something I’m happy to find out worked in my favor, especially for such a high sitting stand.

I guess you can checkmark the ability to withstand a 6.1 quake on your sales page.

Take care,

Thanks for taking the time to send the note Stuart. We couldn't be more pleased that you and your Macbook escaped (relatively) unscathed. "Earthquake proof" is obvious hyperbole - we'd never taunt mother nature - but at least in Stuart's case we were able to keep the laptop safe. We'll count that as a W. 

I know we have many customers in the Bay Are. How did you fair? 


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