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America is gearing up for it's most beloved of holidays, the Super Bowl. This year the Denver Broncos clash with the Seattle Seahawks. The game will be played in New Jersey, adding unpredictable weather to the game. New York's 5 borough have also pitched in to receive the throngs of NFL enthusiasts to the area. The Roost is made here in sunny Denver, Colorado and judging from the sheer volume of orange around the city, I think people are getting pretty excited. Many Mile High residents will be making the trek to MetLife Stadium to support their team. Seattle fans are sure to be represented as well. 

The rest of us will catch the game at a favorite watering hole or on tv. But what about the cable cutters, weekend work force, and ex-pat football fans? Fortunately this year's Super Bowl will be streamed for free online. This also happens to be the first year they will be streaming the game en español. Even if you don't care for the game, the Red Hot Chili peppers are performing at halftime. If the NFL was concerned about Janet Jackson's nipple slip - they have obviously never seen what the Chili Peppers can do with socks. Roost up those laptops friends, grab some cold beers, potato chips, and if nothing else tweet about the commercials. Go 'Murica!


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