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Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas! Sweet Kwanza! Beautiful Festivus! Good Toyotathon! 

We here at the Roost worked like elves all month to deliver Roosts to the good boys and girls on our list.


The deliveries abound! More than 1000 Roosts were shipped since Thanksgiving.


Which is great because we've got our eye on some Holiday activities.

Loosen up, 

relax a bit,

and hook up with some family.

Now family is nice and all but we all know the Holidays are about the gifts.

Seriously though - how many of you are getting books?

Or a magazine subscription? 

Or clothes?

Or fruitcake?

He didn't propose did he!??

Unbelievable, I mean that's like...

do they even KNOW you any more?

Good boys and girls want candy!

And tickets!

Something they've been pining for,

something unexpected,

something mysterious!

If you're really loved

and special,

hell - maybe you earned it, 


some of you lucky souls will be receiving laptops as gifts this year.



Go ahead

let it out.

Such laptop. Very work. Wow. 


I can haz internetz

So many hours on the internetz...

But something happens,

and you don't remember when it started.

Your hands hurt,

your back is in pain,

 you can't take it!

How could your laptop be hurting you?

Will you break up with your laptop?


there's hope.

The idea is simple.

Really simple.

The design is ultra portable,

strong and ergonomic, 

it's a lifesaver and super sexy. 


you and your laptop shall be in love once more.

And the best part,

no unexpected


You're not waiting for a gift. 


Pull the trigger.

Upgrade your laptop.

Happy Holidays!



The Roost 

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